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Great Wikimeetup in Minsk

Disclaimer: this report seems to be incomplete. These words are what I’ve managed to remember. Hey, guys! We’ve got a great, fantastic Wikimedians meeting in Minsk, Belarus on June 26. Its preparation lasted for about a month – that’s quite long … Continue reading

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Belarusian Wikipedia getting popular even more

Belarusian civil campaign “Budźma Biełarusami” (Let’s be Belarusians) has just released a cartoon “Budźma Biełarusami” which depicts all Belarusian history in a 5-minute movie. It’s very amazing. The soundtrack is a song in Belarusian which narrates vital steps of Belarusian … Continue reading

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Google Doodles: brilliant opportunity for popularity gain

In Belarus, its population is mostly Russian-speaking. Even if an individual is Belarusian-speaking, they still google in Russian as they know that they can hardly ever find something interesting in Belarusian (instead of Russian, which is rich in scientific works … Continue reading

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Per aspera ad MW1.17

This upgrade was really a way through hardships. It failed at the first try, and it wasn’t easy at the second try as well. It wasn’t easy for Belarusian (Taraškievica) Wikipedia, too. First, there was a problem with bits.wikimedia.org rewrite … Continue reading

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Connectivity Project to come up again with a bang

Finally! I have finally rewritten the bot implementing object-oriented approach. It took me almost 2 weeks to fully rewrite the code. To be honest, not everything was written, say, from scratch. I took some code from the old version and … Continue reading

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Wrongfully Accused in Belarusian Wikipedia

To avoid any misunderstanding, Belarusian Wikipedia (bewiki) in this post refers to be.wikipedia.org, and Belarusian (Taraškievica) Wikipedia (be-x-oldwiki) for be-x-old.wikipedia.org. On February 1, Kazimier Lachnovič, a user contributing mostly to Belarusian (Taraškievica) Wikipedia, was blocked in Belarusian Wikipedia. It’s seems … Continue reading

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Connectivity in Wikipedia

I’ve posted some info about my works on Connectivity in Wikipedia recently. So, Connectivity Project was started to connect all articles in Wikipedia. XKCD comics illustrates this in almost ideal fashion.    

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Examinations over

So my examinations are done. Some guys from the group are still gonna have an exam on Programing, and some have a retake on Math, so poor. Anyway, I have 3 weeks of holidays from now. I have started to … Continue reading

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Happy? New? Year?

Good news everyone. This New Year Eve was the most boring event of 2010. It was full of apathy as well.  Post-election events in Belarus made me just unsettled. I can’t even think about a kind of party or somewhat. … Continue reading

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All Your Pork Rind Are Belong To Us

Working at Wikipedia is a really enjoyable waste of time. The 30k’th article of Belarusian Wikipedia became ‘Скварка‘ (skvarka, pork rind).  Pork rind is a good tasty meal in most Slavic cuisines. It’s roasted and then served with other meals … Continue reading

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