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What makes one a good person?

This is just one of thousands of questions rising in my head. Time. I think it’s the time – the key to success (s. as in reaching a goal, not as in riches). Getting things done. Or getting things done… … Continue reading

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Just one word: Java

Oh, Lord! I’ve finally brought closer the day when I am a Java-man. I wrote my first application in Java tonight. It was a simple test: based on a given number, language (English and Belarusian supported only), and a list … Continue reading

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The News of Teh World

I’ve been silent for a couple of months, maybe about a half a year. That’s cool and it’s not at the same moment. Let’s see what changed in this life: I’ve got a new job and I like it (now … Continue reading

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Great Wikimeetup in Minsk

Disclaimer: this report seems to be incomplete. These words are what I’ve managed to remember. Hey, guys! We’ve got a great, fantastic Wikimedians meeting in Minsk, Belarus on June 26. Its preparation lasted for about a month – that’s quite long … Continue reading

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Belarusian Wikipedia getting popular even more

Belarusian civil campaign “Budźma Biełarusami” (Let’s be Belarusians) has just released a cartoon “Budźma Biełarusami” which depicts all Belarusian history in a 5-minute movie. It’s very amazing. The soundtrack is a song in Belarusian which narrates vital steps of Belarusian … Continue reading

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Music rush to my head

From some point, I have no thoughts in my head, but on music. Started from my favourite bands’ themes, I’ve noticed that something went wrong – I hear something in my head I’ve never heard to. It was weird, and … Continue reading

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Google Doodles: brilliant opportunity for popularity gain

In Belarus, its population is mostly Russian-speaking. Even if an individual is Belarusian-speaking, they still google in Russian as they know that they can hardly ever find something interesting in Belarusian (instead of Russian, which is rich in scientific works … Continue reading

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Per aspera ad MW1.17

This upgrade was really a way through hardships. It failed at the first try, and it wasn’t easy at the second try as well. It wasn’t easy for Belarusian (Taraškievica) Wikipedia, too. First, there was a problem with rewrite … Continue reading

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Don’t feed the… no-tards

Just for the record. You know, when you scroll through /b/, or some other internet-meme related stuff, it’s always funny. For you, and other /b/tards same to you, and eventually for Anonymous. Today I’ve got it may not be funny … Continue reading

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Connectivity Project to come up again with a bang

Finally! I have finally rewritten the bot implementing object-oriented approach. It took me almost 2 weeks to fully rewrite the code. To be honest, not everything was written, say, from scratch. I took some code from the old version and … Continue reading

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