The News of Teh World

I’ve been silent for a couple of months, maybe about a half a year. That’s cool and it’s not at the same moment. Let’s see what changed in this life:

  • I’ve got a new job and I like it (now I can fuck with Zend Framework and just deep-throated WSO2 WSF/PHP which was quite rough)
  • I seek to become a musician. Now I mean it. I’m gonna buy a new guitar, hope it will be some used japanese Ibanez or Jackson (after those Fender style synchronized tremolos the only bridge type I am to play is Floyd Rose, no exceptions)
  • I want to obtain the driving license and buy a car. The only problem is fuel which is getting higher and higher not in terms of drugs, but costs. It costs about $0.61 for 95 Octane gasoline now. It’s not really affordable for me. (‘sup, Stop-Benzin!)
So, this is almost the every possible major moment in my life for the past time. See me in your local rock club soon 😉

About wizardist

An overrated person.
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