Belarusian Wikipedia getting popular even more

Belarusian civil campaign “Budźma Biełarusami” (Let’s be Belarusians) has just released a cartoon “Budźma Biełarusami” which depicts all Belarusian history in a 5-minute movie. It’s very amazing. The soundtrack is a song in Belarusian which narrates vital steps of Belarusian history as new details in the video emerge. Here it is:

So, what’s about Belarusian Wikipedia? Look the video starting @ 1:18 and you’ll see. There are lyrics from this part:

Пакрочым далей сваім шляхам плынным…
Князь Гедымін засноўвае Вільню.
Сон легендарны — ваўчара ў латах —
На Вікіпэдыі пра гэта багата.

Going on with our story…
Vilnia founded by Duke Gedimin, oh his glory.
An iron clad wolf he has dreamt himself –
Wikipedia has a lot to say.

I’ve messed up the translation a bit to save presence of rhyme.🙂

Well, perhaps I was a bit pessimistic about the future of Belarusian Wikipedia.

P.S. the screenshot of Wikipedia depicts article “Вежа Гедыміна” (Vieža Giedymina, Gedimin’s Tower) which is actually a stub. Hope there is a guy in this cruel world to write a great article.🙂

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2 Responses to Belarusian Wikipedia getting popular even more

  1. HaeB says:

    Thanks for sharing this. I have mentioned your posting in this week’s Wikipedia Signpost.

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