Linux, as seen from my laptop meadow

You know, this night is actually the first intercourse between me and Linux kernel on my HP laptop. It ain’t painful at all as it was some years ago, although I have finally got the most drastic difference between desktops and laptops.

While configuring the kernel, you have to select whether to include a module into the kernel or not. For instance, 1.5 years ago I was configuring Linux kernel, like this time, and found some Winbond chips support feature. I’ve remembered that I have something on my motherboard, looked at the motherboard (I keep the computer box opened) and found it here.

And what do you think I have now? Almost nothing. All I have is lsusb and lspci output plus some debug messages from /var/log/ files. I have no idea of my SATA chipset, or internal webcam model and manufacturer. I’ve already been compiling the kernel on my dual-core 2.3GHz 3GB laptop for 30 minutes and still ain’t done. On my desktop, I used to compile the kernel in 20 minutes, and it was just a 1.8GHz 512Mb trash system of 2004.

Hope I won’t have to reconfigure and rebuild the kernel several times after this one fails, if only.

P.S. Just got an idea to disassemble the notebook one more time and list all on-board chips for future.


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