Despaired desperado

Yeah, I’m going through the next exam in Economics and still haven’t opened my notes on it. Although, I’m not really scared about it. Failing in it isn’t going to be a big deal.

By the way, I’ve finally cleaned my notebook so it doesn’t overheat at all. I suffered from sudden shutdowns caused by overheating so I couldn’t play neither new [Prototype] game, nor the NFS: Most Wanted oldie. Moreover, I was not able to install… Debian. The damned book was just shutting down in the middle of the installation process so I had to take it outdoors (-2°C something) and, yeah, it succeed in. So I’m gonna compile a vanilla kernel with Broadcom Wi-Fi drivers included as a module ’cause I’m tired of my parents’ buzzing of me stealing their Ethernet cable.

…Still having  hope of looking through the Economics notes…

P.S. Just tested the Open GPS Tracker on my U8230 Android phone to track the all-new road over Sluch. Here it is on via Osmarender (Mapnik should re-render the tiles after a while).


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