It’s Math Exam tomorrow and what am I doing, huh?

Tomorrow (today for real) I have an exam in Math. Long way to refresh the topics, you know. Although, I decided to chill out for my last.

I, along with a friend of mine, went to a pizza-restaurant to have some, huh, pizza and drinks, you know. There were some talks on education, future, some politics (ah them, yes).

Then I noticed that a drink was served for a table next to us. No, that wasn’t just a drink. It was The Drink. Coca-Cola, quite a general drink you can think about. But just listen IT WAS IN GLASS BOTTLES. I used to think it was deprecated but it wasn’t.

A 0.25 Coke… what can be better? So we ordered some for us. And it tasted, yeah, like I’ve been tasting it for the first time!

Here’s a short Coke Opening Ceremony pictured. 🙂


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