Some words about Belarus

Anyone is able to read an article on the specific topic right in Wikipedia. The best ones contribute to Wikipedia (I’m editor in Belarusian Taraškievica Wikipedia). But that’s not the point.

Belarus has been given the name of The Last European Dictatorship. Yeah, we all know it, Lukashenko is a dictator in most points of view. The only moment almost every one misses is that most people are indifferent. They’re not dumb. They are able to riot. Despite this, the regime doesn’t deprive people of a livelihood. That’s the root of a sarcastic saying about Belarusians: “It’s all good with wine glass and cracklings” (“Usio budzie dobra, aby była čarka dy škvarka”). Any of you understands that people will rise against the system as soon as they won’t find a piece of bread at home.

But we have all goods in our markets. We can afford them. It’s not so bad in Belarus. We can study here. We can work here. We have quite pure air here. We have no freedom of speech. I can’t go to the city square with a banner stating against rising prices. I would be beaten and charged with administrative infraction as well.

I do love my country and its culture (especially the language). All I want is not to be beaten for Belarusian said out in the public. I want my country to have White-Red-White Flag to be the flag of state and Pahonia to be the coat of arms of Belarus. And I want to have the right to express my opinion freely.

So Belarus is not a bad country. People are quite kind here. Don’t thing it’s Belarus evil. Politics and politicians are.


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