My cool header pic

The photo in the header of my blog is actually a panorama of the Slutsk Sugar Refinery taken by me in Słucak, my hometown, with Canon PowerShot A550 (its flashlight has been broken recently).

I like to spend my free time taking photos. It’s a pity but my Canon PowerShot A550 can’t autofocus without zoom and it has no manual zoom. All I can do is just zoom the camera and shot as many photos as I can. Then I load these pictures to Microsoft Image Composite Editor and stitch them. This Microsoft utility is quite easy to use and it’s free. I don’t like Microsoft in fact but I like such soft which was made just for fun (read: to implement some brand-new algorithm).

The photo in the header was uploaded to Wikimedia Commons (File:Slutsk sugar refinery panorama.jpg). It’s licensed with Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike 3.0 License so you can distribute it without any limits and modify it with subsequent distribution under the identical terms.

PS: forgive me the overlinking in my posts. It’s just a habit from my Wikipedia activity. 🙂


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2 Responses to My cool header pic

  1. композицию построил не очень хорошо. массивное сооружение и трубу нужно было справа поставить.

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